Haruka is a sister from Germany, but she wears a Kimono which is Japanese dress

Hailing from Germany, Haruka aspires to become a perfect Japanese lady (Yamato Nadeshiko). She is frequently seen wearing a kimono and can be found learning Japanese tea ceremony (sado) along with other cultural things. Haruka is an expert at handling the daikyu and naginata. Interestingly, training in these weapons is akin to the training given to the brides of samurai; Haruka's training in these weapons may or may not have been inspired due to her desire to be a perfect Japanese bride for a person of high standing—like her brother.
Haruka addresses the brother as Anigimi-sama (兄君さま?), the honorific suffix -kimisama (a combination of the honofirics kimi or kun and -sama) used to address a venerable person in the same bloodline. In English, she calls him "Beloved Brother" and speaks with a German accent. Her birthday is May 16, is a Taurus, and stands 156 cm (about 5' 1") tall.