Aria 3


Aria (亞里亞)



Hair color

baby blue

Eye color


first appearance

I Love Big Brother So Much

last appearance

Pure Christmas


Promised Island

Voiced by

Nana Mizuki (Japanese) Mariela Ortiz (English)

Aria is a sister featured in Sister Princess. She was originally born in France, but in the present currently living in Promised Island. Aria regularly wears frilly, lacy dresses, for she has a fondness for ribbons, dolls and generally feminine things related. She has a tendency to refer to herself in the third person frequently, also Aria is obsessed with sweets and due to her minor addiction, she is often seen consuming them. In addition, Aria is noticeably small, potentially one of the sisters with the shortest heights, this is evidently exposed particularly in the anime. She commonly carries around a beige colored umbrella and is conveniently recognizable with it. She addresses the brother as Nii-ya and in English, she calls him "Mon Frère" 

Her birthday is November 2, is a scorpio,  and has a compendiary height of approximately 4' 7", which is relatively 139 cm. It is revealed quickly that Aria is rather sensitive promptly and when she has anxiety in a dilemma it is likely she'll initiate sobbing and seeming tearful.

Note: In the visual novel her eyes are alternatively colored, a glowing violet.